Every Single Lightsaber Crystal Explained [Canon + Legends]

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Every Single Lightsaber Crystal Explained [Canon + Legends]


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Lightsaber Crystal's were deeply connected to the force, allowing the wielder of the blade to become deeply binded to it, almost in a symbiotic way. This connection to the force also allowed for some unique properties. Kyber crystals didn't just channel and focus energy, they amplified it. This was what allowed them to be used as the heart of a lightsaber, or as weapons of mass destruction, making these crystals highly sought after. However, kyber crystals from Illum were not the only kind of lightsaber crystal. As Luke Skywalker once pointed out, the flexibility and practicality of the lightsaber design meant that pretty much any crystal could be used to focus the beam of raw energy emitted from a lightsaber. However, some Crystals were far more sought after than others, largely due to the unique powers and properties of these rare lightsabers. Some crystals increased the heat of the blade, some granted the wielder additional powers, while others could increase the power of the user a thousand fold. 


There are quite a few differences between canon and legends when it comes to lightsaber crystals. In canon, Kyber crystals were clear until they were attuned to the user. After the wielder had bonded with the Kyber crystal, it would take on one of the myriad of different lightsaber colours.


However, in legends the lightsaber crystal already had its colouration and was simply chosen by the wielder. But just bare in mind that there are some differences between canon, newer legends and older legends lightsaber crystals, which can lead to a few confusing inconsistencies. Many of the legends crystals are also from computer games such as Star Wars Galaxies And The Force unleashed. At times they can be pretty wacky and unique such as the lightsaber crystal that would simultaneously freeze and burn opponents that we will discuss in a bit. My head canon is that these crystals got many of their insane powers through the force, similar to Sith alchemy, but just bear in mind that some legends crystals powers often don't make a lot of sense, especially when compared to the new canon Kyber cystals. Now we've got that out of the way, we can begin. 

First, we will start with the weakest lightsaber crystals, which were most often used in training lightsabers. These crystals could not focus the blades energy as well as the other lightsaber crystals on this list and thus would produce a blade more that would sting or a stun rather than maim or cut. There were a few crystals that could be used in this type of blade. The first were Bondar Crystal's, found only in the far orbit of the Alderan system. The weakest and most common form of Adegan crystals could also be used but we'll talk about them a bit more in just a moment. 

First we must talk about some of the lightsaber crystals that were worse than a regular Kyber crystal that one could find on planets such as Illum. One example of this would be the lightsaber crystal used by the Daghee Jedi. This blade was zigzagged in shape, was coloured black and silver while emitting a turquoise aura. Although it looks cool, the shape of the blade was likely quite inconvenient for duelling and may have been more of a ceremonial blade. Therefore, I've placed this saber towards the bottom in terms of power, even though I believe it to be one of the most unique looking sabers. 

Moving on from one of the rarest crystals, we will now discuss one of the most common. The most abundant lightsaber crystal was of course the Illum Kyber crystal. Illum was incredibly sacred to the Jedi. This planet had been owned and protected by the Jedi for thousands of years with the majority of Jedi receiving their lightsaber crystal from this planet. It was so common to receive ones lightsaber crystal from this planet, that many believed it was the only source of Kyber crystals in the galaxy. Most of these Kyber crystals were usually pretty unremarkable but were very dependable. Although unremarkable, this doesn't mean they were not high quality, hence why the Jedi used them so frequently. In many ways, they were the jack of all trades of the lightsaber crystals. They did not have special abilities, but they were found in abundance, were high quality and had a strong affinity to the force, meaning they made up the vast majority of Jedi lightsabers. 




Another common and largely unremarkable lightsaber crystal were Adegan crystals. Although nowhere near as common as Illum crystals, they were still used relatively frequently. These crystals were mainly found on the Adega system, although they could also be found on Halm and Mygeeto. Adegan Crystals could be broken down into five sub-types. The most common form of Adegan crystals was the Kathracite crystal. These along with relacite and dantite were considered to be some of the weakest Adegan crystals as they didn't focus energy as well as their rarer cousins, only producing a weak stinging sensation. This meant that were usually reserved for training lightsabers. 

Next we have Mephite, the Adegan crystal most commonly used by the Jedi order. They were very similar in structure and quality to the crystals found on Illum. In fact, in early legends content, no distinction was made between Illum and these kind of Adegan crystals suggesting they are pretty much the same thing. 

The rarest form of the Adegan crystal was the Pontite crystal. These were highly sought after, largely due to their unique properties. It was said that these crystals were cold to touch and some have even speculated that the blade itself burns cold, although I could find no information that backed up this claim. What is known, is that it emitted a calming aura. This was particularly useful for users of the lightside of the force, allowing them to maintain a stronger connection to the lightside of the force and therefore an edge in combat. 



Next we will explore the lightsaber crystals of the Sith. We will begin with star wars canon. As Sith in canon could not bond with Kybers due to the crystals inate pull to the lightside, darksiders were forced to bleed their crystals. The dark sider would pour all of their hatred into the crystal, causing it to turn red and corrupting it to the dark side. However, this process was reversible with Ahsoka Tano purifying a pair of bled Kyber crystals causing them to turn white in colour. So far, it has not been revealed whether bled or purified lightsaber crystals differed in power to regular kyber crystals.

Next we have the legends explanation for red Sith crystals. Just like in canon, lightsaber crystals were almost always connected to the light side of the force. The early sith were therefore forced to acquire the crystals for their sabers in other ways. The most popular way of doing so was by creating synthetic lightsaber crystals. These were created through the use of giant forges as well as the dark side. These crystals produced a slightly more powerful blade than a standard Kyber crystal that were usually red in colouration. They were also usually highly attuned to the dark side, although it is known that they could be green in colour while being attuned to the light, as was the case with Luke's second lightsaber. It was known that on very rare occasions, the extra power of the synthetic crystals could cause regular lightsabers to short out, a frightening prospect for Jedi in the heat of battle. 

These crystals were also very versatile and could be imbued with a variety of different powers and effects. One sub-group of synthetic lightsaber crystals were condensed energy crystals, but we will discuss these in more depth later on. 

The dark side energies imbued into synthetic crystals could make them unstable, causing them to crackle and spark with energy. This often required some kind of vent to prevent the lightsaber from overloading, usually taking the form of a crossguard lightsaber.

This was also the case in Star wars canon. If the bleeding process failed, this could cause the crystal to become cracked, leading to an intense and unstable blade which required vents, as was the case with Kylo Rens blade. 

Next we have another categorization of lightsaber crystals. These were usually no more powerful than your standard Illum Kyber crystal but had one crucial difference, they could only bond with one user. This included the incredibly rare brown coloured crystal, Bondaras Folly as well as the Kenobi's legacy crystal. Another crystal of this type was Bnars sacrifice, a one of a kind crystal that also emitted a brown blade. Although the lore does not state exactly how these crystals prevented others from wielding them, I would imagine they simply turned off if picked up by someone other than the user they are bonded with. 

Other lightsaber crystals of this type would turn on but emitted an electrical discharge that would prevent any one but the true user  from effectively wielding it. This was the case with Banes Heart, a lightsaber crystal gifted by Datth Bane to his apprentice Darth Zannaah. It was also the crystal used by the reanimated dead body of General Grievous known as NK- necrosis. 

Another category is, what I like to call, the baller lightsaber crystals. These Lightsaber crystals were incredibly expensive, often costing the same as a small planetoid. The first was the corusa gem. These beautiful gems were said to refract light so that it looked as though a star was burning within it. In fact, the planet Norton, the home planet of humanity, was renamed Corusant as it was said it's many cities resembled the corsica gems when viewed from space. The blade produced by the corsca gem was said to be more powerful than a regular saber, with lando calrissian remarking that they can slice through transparasteel like a laser goes through cestellian Jam. 

Another rather expensive crystal was the Durindfire crystal. These crystals produced a rare silvery white blade but where not known to be any more powerful than a regular kyber crystal from Illum. Interestingly, the empire used the sale of these rare crystals to finance much of the death star project. However, despite their high price tag, these crystals were very common, albeit only on the planet of Tatooine. In fact the Jawas used these crystals to make the glowing red and yellow lenses that protected their eyes. However due to Tattooines remoteness, no one knew the true value of these gems and believed them to be worthless.

Ultima pearls were another type of crystal within this category. These silvery pearls were found deep within the oceans of the planet Dac and were incredibly expensive. They were known to be very difficult to install into a lightsaber with the only known user of this lightsaber crystal being the force sensitive niece of Admiral Ackbar.  

Another incredibly rare stone that could be used within a lightsaber was the rainbow gem. Just one of these gems was said to be just as expensive as a Mon calamari cruiser and it produced an elegant turquoise blade. The only other known crystal of this colour was the one of a kind Sunriders Destiny crystal. It is not known if either of these crystal had any additional powers, although they are known to be highly attuned to the lightside of the force. 

The most well known lightsaber crystal of this type was the Krayt Dragon Pearl. As we saw in season 2 of the Mandalorian, Krayt Dragon Pearls could only be obtained by successfully slaying a krayt dragon. These crystals aided the creature digest its food, similar to dinosaurs in the real world. Obtaining a Krayt Dragon Pearl was seen as a great victory, especially amongst the Tusken Raiders and monster hunters. As these pearls were made from kyber, they could be used to construct a lightsaber although they were notoriously difficult to install. However, when they were activated, they emitted a very powerful blade that howled when ignited. 

Another strange but rare crystal was the Lambent gem. These were basically genetic monstrosities created by the Yuuzhan Vong to aid them with their take over of the galaxy. These crystals had several uses. First, they could bond with other creatures telepathically. This allowed the user to dim or brighten the crystal at will which could be used as means of communication across vast distances. They also allowed whoever was bonded to them to sense other Yuuzhan Vong around them. Jason solo used a Lambent gem in his lightsaber during the Yuuzhan Vong war, allowing him to sense these strange extra galactic beings from a distance. 

Next we have a more common lightsaber crystal, the dantari crystal. Now these crystals were in fact the main source of the Jedi's lightsaber crystals before the discovery of Illum. They could be found within the eggs of the native kinrath and just like canon Kyber crystals, changed colour depending upon the force alignment of the user. These crystals could pretty much come in any colour, although were most commonly found to be red, blue or green. These crystals had an added advantage that regular Kyber crystals did not contain. During battle, the dantari crystals could recycle the fury of battle, allowing the wielder to replenish the force energies of the wielder much faster. It is believed that the purple crystal within Darth Revans lightsaber was in fact a Dantari crystal. 

Another well known purple lightsaber crystal was the Hurrikan crystal most famously used by Mace Windu. These crystals could only be found on the planet of Hurrikan and were collected by a strange race of stone people. After receiving visions of this crystal, Windu travelled to this planet but was soon confronted by the natives. Using his Jedi abilities, he killed one of these creatures. However, he immediately regretted it, realising that with great power, came great responsibility. He then used the force to rebuild this stone being. Grateful, they gifted him one of these purple crystals. It is said that these crystals were particularly good at quickening ones reflexes and connection to the force, allowing the wielder to better penetrate opponents defenses. 

A crystal that would have been incredibly useful during the clone wars was the Luxum crystal. Formed from the dark energies present upon the planet of Ambria, these crystals imbued the blade with ionising properties. This meant that anything struck with the blade would receive an electric shock, a particularly useful property if you're regularly striking down clankers. The Firkraan crystal was very similar, although it was slightly more powerful. However, it could only be wielded by users of the dark side and was famously used by the Lord of Hate, Tulal Horde. 

A rare crystal of unknown origin was the lightsaber crystal used in the dark saber. It is completely unknown why it is coloured this way or where it was originally found.Tthere is speculation that the dark saber is more powerful than a regular lightsaber, although whether this was due to the unique crystal or the shape of the blade is very much up for debate.

Another black coloured saber was the blackwing saber, one of my favouites lightsaber crystals which I've discussed a few times before in videos over on Vader's Fortress. The blackwing saber crystal was effectively an infected Kyber crystal. Many years before the clone wars, the Sith tried to find a cure for death, engineering a virus through science, Sith alchemy and the dark side of the force. While this virus did grant immortality, it effectively made the victim a zombie and a slave to the blackwing hive mind. This sickness was incredibly infectious and could spread to any living being, including the semi- living Kyber crystals. After the virus was accidentally released again during the Imperial era, vast swathes of dathomir became infected. The Kyber crystals within the dathomiri quarantine zone became black in colouration as the virus corrupted the crystal. These crystals could be used in a lightsaber and produced a black blade, although plooms of smoke would bellow from the lightsaber hilt. Unfortunately it is not known whether this blade had any extra ordinary abilities although it is likely the crystal contained within could act as a vessel for further spread of the blackwing virus. 

Next we have the Lorridan Gem, a form of synthetic lightsaber crystals. These gems were originally produced by the lorridians, an enslaved species that were forbidden from speaking. They developed these gems as a means of communicating kinetically, allowing them to very accurately understand subtle changes in posture, mood and body language. The force sensitives of this.slave race eventually imbued these gems with the force. This allowed any wielder to better understand their opponents actions, greatly improving the users defensive capabilities. 

Next we have the Damind crystal. These dark side crystals were often used by Sith with a larger stature. The reason for this was because this crystal greatly increased the length and girth of the blade. As well as being particularly useful for Larger species, these crystals were popular with users of more defensive forms due to its ease of use during blaster deflection. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Rubat and Velmorite crystals. Velmorite crystals were used in a wide range of energy based equipment. When placed in a lightsaber, it produced a thin and fluid blade, famed for its grace. Rubat crystals focused the blade to a sharper point, allowing for more precise strikes. These crystals were very popular in the early days of the Jedi order before the discovery of Illum. Although their popularity would fade over time, they were still admired for their ability to increase the wielders focus, agility and speed even in during the days of the post imperial era. 

However, Rubat crystals were far from the only crystals that provided the wielder with greater clarity of mind during combat. In fact there is a whole sub-group of lightsaber crystals known as Focus crystals. these were usually associated with the lightside of the force. The most famous of these crystals was the Solari. This produced an orange blade and was said to be one of the oldest Kyber crystals in the entire galaxy, dating back to the beginning of the Jedi order. However, this crystal did have one drawback. If the user wavered from the lightside for just one second, the lightsaber blade would extinguish, meaning it could only be used by Jedi with the purest of hearts.  

A similar but less rare focus crystal was used by Ki-Adi Mundis species to clear the mind during meditation. Known as the Kasha crystal, The Cereans found a way to actually dramatically increase the power of this crystal. Using the force, they scribed patterns and markings onto the crystal. This allowed the crystal to better focus the force, therefore increasing its power. These meditation crystals worked effectively as lightsabers, instilling a meditative calmness into the user during battle. 


Another similar crystal was the meditation crystal. These crystals grew naturally upon the Jedi Orders homeworld of Tython. Just like the Kasha crystal and other focus crystals, they provided the wielder with a closer connection to the force, both within and outside of a lightsaber. They also allowed the user to regain spent force energies during battle. Whenever the blade struck another opponent, force energy would be regained, allowing the wielder to fight for longer and better utilise the force in a long and drawn out duel. 

We will now move on to a catagory of Crystals that were said to increase the heat and intensity of the blade. These crystals were often infused with the dark side but we're sometimes naturally attuned to the lightside. Some of these crystals, such as the Nextor crystal, were also highly volatile. So while it granted added power, they often came with increased risk to the user.

The lightsaber crystal of Exar Kun was one such example. This lightsaber was heavily augmented with dark side alchemy and magic similar to some of the Dathomiri crystals we will discuss later on. These spells increased the blades heat significantly. In fact, it was so powerful, it could cut through Mandalorian Beskar Armour as though it was mere paper. 

It is possible that Exars blade was made of Lignan ore, a rare crystal that dramatically increased the heat intensity of the blade with its strong connection to the dark side. This dark side potential could also enhance the user's own sith abilities, much like Exar Kuns lightsaber crystal. 

However, naturally occurring crystals with similar properties were often significantly less powerful than Exars Blade.  Examples of this were Sigil and Phon crystals. Despite the fact they didn't increase the blades temperature as much as other crystals, it was still pretty impressive, with many ancient sith and Jedi going to great lengths to obtain such a crystal. 

Another crystal that increased the power and heat of the blade was the Qixoni crystal. These crystals were forged in the cores of exploding supernova, imbuing them with immense energy. Not only did this dramatically increase the potency and heat of the blade, it also increased it's force potential, allowing the wielder to amplify their power in the force. Some lightsaber crystals had more humble origins. The Sapith crystal was pooped out by a Sapith worm, creating a blade that was simultaneously more powerful than a regular saber while also being much easier to control. 

Opila crystals also increased the heat intensity of the blade. When these crystals were refined and cleaned they became known as Jenraux crystals. As well as increasing the heat of the blade, they would also imbue the wielder with added agility, similar to force speed seen in the phantom menace. 

Another similar but slightly different lightsaber crystal was the barab ingot. These crystals were found on the irradiated planet of Barab 1. This radiation fundamentally changed the properties of the crystal. These irradiated crystals usually produced a clear blade but this was not what made it so remarkable. The sheer amount of energy emitted from this blade caused the plasma to lose it's cohesion, causing it to burn more like fire. The heat and flame like properties of the blade meant that any poor unfortunate soul who was struck with it would instantly catch fire.

The incineration crystal used by Starkiller was very similar. Incineration crystals were part of the wider crystal classification known as compressed energy crystals, a variation of the synthetic Kyber crystal. The blades they produced were thinner than a regular saber and pulsated slightly. They also usually had unique properties and powers that differed from a regular saber. The incineration crystal was probably  the most famous and was known to cause victims to spontaneously combust. Another compressed energy crystal known as the corrosion crystal produced a blade that was highly reactive with flesh, causing the victim's body to literally corrode away as though it had been drenched in acid. 

Next we have a very rare and strange group of lightsaber crystals. These included the aforementioned Kenobi crystal, Baa's wisdom crystal as well as the Permafrost crystal from the planet Hoth. Although they could still produce a blade of immense heat that could cut through things as well as an ordinary saber, they were imbued with a unique power. The blade could absorb the thermal energy of those it struck, leaving parts of their body frozen with frost bite. Thus, the blade would simultaneously burn hot and cold at the same time. How this actually worked is unknown and not explained in detail within the lore,  but I don't know about you, but being burned, sliced and frozen at the same time sounds like a pretty horrific way to go. 

Next we have the Ankarres Sapphire, a legendary crystal. This lightsaber crystal was heavily attuned to the light. In fact, it was said that any dark side force user who touched it would immediately suffer third degree burns. It was also said to aid the user in battle by strengthening their connection to the lightside, bolstering their courage and focus. It could also significantly boost the force healing ability, allowing them to hesl the wounds of themselves and others. 

Next we will move on to some lightsaber crystals with unique properties that were said to have been created by the founder of the witches of dathomir. The witches of Dathomir were founded by the rogue Jedi Allya, who taught the native Dathomiri how to use the more mystical parts of the force as well as how to ride rancors. 

The first lightsaber crystal was Allyas exile. This crystal produced an incredibly potent scarlet blade which was extraordinarily hot, perhaps producing the hottest blade of any lightsaber crystal. In fact, this saber emitted so much heat that it could burn opponents from a short distance away meaning the wielder could inflict damage without actually landing a direct strike. 

The second was Allyas redemption. This lightsaber crystal was embued with nightsister magic. This meant that anyone who was struck with it would not just suffer the severe heat of a lightsaber, but also a corrosive acidic effect. If this wasn't bad enough already, the wounded individual would be slowly consumed by venom, meaning even minor injuries from this blade could be lethal. 

Next we have the dreaded Vexxtal crystal from the force unleashed. These dark side crystals were imbued with the little known dark side power known as Force Plague. This meant that even minor wounds from a saber than used the Vexxtal crystal could be extremely fatal. The wound would gradually become infected with a lethal dark side induced disease. It worked very much like a fast acting toxin, exhausting the victim and clouding their mind. If not immediately treated by a powerful force healer, a wound from the Vexxtal crystal lightsaber would most often be lethal. 

Amplification crystals are, in my opinion, some of the more useful crystals in Star wars. These crystals could be used in conjunction with any other crystal to dramatically increase its power. So the previously mentioned Vexxtal crystal would have significantly more lethal, while a regular lightsaber crystal would increase in heat intensity significantly. These crystals produced a unique silver blade, one of the only lightsaber of this colour. These crystals were most famously used by Maulkiller, a dark side abomination created by Darth Vader. Maulkiller was designed to be the perfect assassin and utilised the DNA of both Darth Maul and Starkiller, although the descrepencies between the two genetic templates eventually caused insanity, leading to the death of Maulkiller, although that’s a story for another day. 


Another, crystal that amplified the power of other stones within the blade was the heart of the guardian crystal. The heart of the guardian was very ancient and was said to be someway involved in the creation of both the Sith and the Jedi. The Jedi believed that in their greatest time of need, this crystal would appear and help bring salvation to the galaxy. However, the sith believed that when the heart of the guardian appeared, it would bring about their domination of the galaxy. Therefore, it is pretty fitting that this crystal was most likely utilised by Revan, one of the greatest Jedi, and Sith, of all time. As well as amplifying the powers of other crystals, it also increased the speed of the wielder significantly, greatly aiding them in combat. 

The Mantle of the Force was another ancient lgihtsaber crystal sought by Revan. This had many of the same abilities as the heart of the guardian, notably it's ability to increase the power of other lightsaber crystals. However, in many ways this crystal was supieor. Not only did the mantle of the force increase the power of other crystals, it also increased the force powers of the wielder by strengthening their connection to the force, allowing the user to fight harder and for longer.

Next up we have the Dragite crystal. These sought after crystals produced a similar blade to regular Kyber crystals. However, instead of a low hum, they produced a deafening roar. In fact, when the Dragite blade struck another blade, it produced a miniature sonic boom with enough strength to physically injure an opponent or at the very least, knock the lightsaber out of their hand. However, this could also injure the wielder so could be very risky to use if the correct precautions were not utilised.

Another similar crystal was the Etaan Kyber. Similar to Dragite, Etaan crystals could unleash a blast of energy that could knock an opponent's blade from their hands. However, instead of a blast of sonic energy it was more like a sudden burst of heat and kinetic energy. This also had additional benefits. If deflecting blaster fire, the returning bolt Would be imbued with additional energy, causing a small explosion upon impact.

The impact condensed energy crystal held similar properties. These yellow coloured crystals were utilised by Galen Marek to great effect. These crystals would be pretty useful against heavily armoured opponents. For example, a mandalorian with Beskar Armour may be impervious to the lightsaber blade itself, but they would not be immune to the effects of the impact crystal. The impact crystal would effectively make the lightsaber into a baseball bat, making it incredibly difficult for opponents to block attacks effectively and could even cause damage to internal organs or circuitry through sheer concussive force.

Next we have one of my favourites, the lava lightsaber. at first glance they would appear to be the same as an ordinary single-bladed lightsaber. However, it contained a very rare lightsaber crystal known as a lava crystal that could only be found in the deepest depths of volcanic planets. These crystals fundamentally changed the properties of the lightsaber blade. Instead of near-weightless plasma, the blade was heavy and dense, similar in consistency to lava. In fact, the blade would emit fire and spit bits of lava from the blade, making it even more deadly during a lightsaber duel. The cumbersome nature of the blade as well as the spitting lava made these incredibly difficult and dangerous to wield. Only cybernetic abominations such as Darth Vader could use such a blade and even he opted to use a regular blade due to the lava lightsabers added weight. 

The Eralam crystals of the planet Erai were particularly unique. Instead of emitting a coloured plasma blade, it was instead completely transparent, with many of my fellow YouTubers often dubbing it the invisible lightsaber. This had some obvious advantages, most notably the extreme confusion it would cause opponents. I would imagine that this crystal would be extremely useful when used in a curved or double bladed lightsaber, which would almost certainly completely disorient opponents. 

The ghost fire crystal was very similar, also having a clear or almost transparent blade. However, the Ghost fire saber was even more disorienting than the Eralam crystal. Not only did it produce almost no sound, it also produced illusory after images of the blade. This meant that it was almost impossible to actually work out where the blade actually was. In the hands of a competent lightsaber duelist, the ghostfire was certainly one of the most dangerous crystals on this list. 

Next we have the Katak crystal, a dark side crystal of unknown origins. The crystals dark energies imbued the blade with the force drain ability, an ability strongly associated with Darth Nihilus. This allowed the wielder to slowly drain the lifeforce of those within its vicinity, using these nourishing life energies to heal wounds and replenish energy. This sabers force drain would eventually be fatal, although it would take a significant amount of time. 

The penultimate lightsaber crystal on this list is the Stygium lightsaber crystal. These crystals were so powerful they were banned by the galactic Republic. These crystals warped the perceptions of reality around them, effectively making the user invisible both to the naked eye and all kinds of scanners, especially when they were using the force stealth ability. They could also be used to cloak star ships and other forms of advanced weaponry. The phantom TIE fighter, Mauls Scimitar and Starkiller's rogue shadow all used cloaking using these crystals. Although these crystals found heavy usage during the early days of the Republic, they caused significant trouble which resulted in them being banned. Although very powerful, they were actually one of the most common lightsaber crystals in the galaxy. After the Imperial superweapon the Tarkin blew open the planet of Aeten 2, it was found the entire core was made from these crystals. They could also be found elsewhere and it known that at least one invisible island made entirely of these crystals did exist. However, despite their relative abundance, the fact that they were invisible made them almost impossible to locate and mine, therefore ensuring that they were very difficult to obtain

And now we have the most powerful Kyber crystal of them all. And I'm sure many of you would have probably guessed which one I'm going to say by now. The Kaiburr crystal was an ancient relic, created by some kind of powerful force being, most likely a celestial. Luke Skywalker believed it to be the most powerful lightsaber crystal in existence, and for good reason. Just a tiny sliver of this crystal could dramatically increase the wielders force potential. However if a force user acquired the entire crystal this would have dramatic effects. If in the presence of a force nexus, it could increase the powers of a force wielder a thousand fold. It was so powerful, that when Vader utilised the gem he was able to utilise a variation of force lightning known as kinitite without it damaging his cybernetic suit. If it was taken away from a force nexus, it’s power would dramatically decrease. However, most still considered it to be the most powerful lightsaber crystal of all time.