The Fallen

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The Fallen is one of the most distinctive blades in our collection, coming in a variety of styles. Choose whether you want a double or single bladed saber!




The blade itself looks great but can also withstand some pretty heavy dueling. However, for your peace of mind, all our sabers come with a 365-day warranty, even for dueling damage! 




All our saber blades can change to a plethora of colors and come with several built-in realistic sounds. 




The Pixel option incorporates a strip of LEDs, allowing for a much brighter blade when compared to the base lit Smooth Swing version as well as more realistic effects. 




The Smooth Swing function integrates changes in the volume and pitch of the blade, allowing for more realistic sound effects while dueling. While the Smooth Swing option has this feature, we have also integrated this function into the Pixel blades too.




This high-quality saber will make a fine addition to your collection and is available in a variety of options which you can find out more about down below.




If you have any more questions about saber specifications or anything else, feel free to ask! We are happy to help ☺️




Eco Pixel




Sound and lighting: 


22 sets of sound fonts

Light effects Stable, Unstable, pulse , fire blade, rainbow blade






1.Swing on


2.Smooth swing


3.Blaster, Lock-up


4.Flash on clash




6.Volume adjustment


7.Removable battery


8.Removable chassis






3000mAh 18650 battery


Over-load protect


Battery backward protect system






24mm 8Ω2W speaker